Why do I visit Workshops?

At the beginning of the year I was in Cologne to attend a workshop about storytelling by Sascha Kraemer. I thought it might be a good idea to do some further education before I leave for South Africa- because only a challenged mind is a creative one! Thanks to Sascha I learned a complete new approach on wedding documentary – it’s all about circumstantial narration.

raw people. raw emotions. nothing staged.

In his pictures Sascha manages to tell a story- the story of the most important day in your life! The workshop was divided into a theoretical and a practical part. Throughout the day we went through every single detail of a wedding and Sascha shared everything you wanted to know without to mince matters. Even after the workshop Sascha’s always happy to answer ALL your questions. There is also a facebook group for workshop participants to exchange experiences or ask for recommendations, or just to find a drinking buddy when your in town. Furthermore Sascha explained all he knows about marketing/SEO for photography businesses- with special focus on social media. This was seriously helpful for me. My Instagram account was a mess before that workshop and now I feel comfortable showing my work online. And as if all of that weren’t enough already, we managed to squeeze in a couple shoot during sunset. As I wasn’t there to go home with pretty pictures, I didn’t take many (I attached some below). But I was super excited to see Sascha at work. His feeling for light and the right moment is incredible. The photos he took didn’t need much post-production, because he focused on background lighting/colours and especially how the couple was lit already during the photoshoot. Sascha showed us how to communicate with the couple. How to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera. It seems so easy for him to create intense and natural moments between two people. The time flew way too fast (it was a 13h workshop though) and I’m really looking forward to trying out and practicing everything I’ve learned. Sascha is such a cool guy and it rather felt like hanging out with friends than real time education 😉

There’s nothing more to add, but I’m glad to have booked this workshop, because self improvement never stops! 😉

For workshop details visit: http://www.saschakraemer.com/hochzeitsfotografie-workshop/